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DURATION : Fullday

Port of Call : CHAN MAY or TIEN SA 


PRICE :95 USD Per Pax ( Minimum : 2Pax, Private Tour ) or 65 USD Per Pax If you are in Group of 10 Pax ( Group joining Tour )


 This is a private tour. Your Time is very Flexible . So, You can stop at any places to take nice photos on the Way to Hoi an like Da Nang Fishing village, My Khue Beach, Dragon bridge .It is better than taking part in group bus tour . you have to follow schedule. Joining this Tour. You will Experience the real local Hoi an people life and local Authentic culture & Food . You escape from the noise of city centre . It is much diffenrent comparing with your bus Tour on cruiseship.





    Activities on the tour:

- Visit Thanh Ha pottery village,learn and practice how to make pottery product by using clay.

- Experiencing on water buffalo ride and taking photos of the rice filed and shrimp farm, fish farm..

- Going to Cam thanh Village to row bamboo basket boat to explore water coconut Jungle where V.C Hiding during Viet nam - America war and catch crabs & fishing, ...

- Having a good opportunities to take photos of the real life of Hoi an people in countryside

- Visiting Tra Que herb Village to join with local family activities like : Cultivating soil, carrying seaweed to do organic farming, growing and Watering vegetables.

- 30 Minutes for Herbal foot massage & Lunch at Local family restaurant with organic authentic food


You are welcomed OUTSIDE CHAN MAY or  TIEN SA port with Your Name on the Board. ( Please let us know your arrival & departure time to arrange pick up & drop off on time )

Our Tourguide will welcome you with your name on the board or your photo at the gate. Then WeTransfer to Hoi an Village. 

 On the way to Hoi an , We can Stop at My Khe Beach( former name by China Beach) to take photos of the Lady Buddha Statue and Bamboo basket boat of fishermen or walk around to enjoy fresh air from ocean.

 After That .You will be taken to a quiet herb village on the edge of Hoi An, named Tra Que Vegetable Village. Visiting herb Garden with different kind of vegetables : Basil, Mint, Lemon Grass, Coriander, Cabbage, Spring Onion, Morning Glory, Lettuce and Get a feeling for small farm life, where locals tend their vegetable gardens. meet the local family. Then, do some farming activities like cultivating soil, watering vegetable, growing and carrying seaweed to do organic farming. After that  you go to rice paddy field to ride on a water buffalo and learn How to Keep balance on water buffalo.

Continuing to Cam Thanh village. During Vietnam - America War, the village acted as a shelter for locals and soliders hiding. on the Way you also can see rice fields, corn field, a forest of water palm and shrimp and crab farms. Then, Taking a rest at  a local family, enjoying welcome drink with local tea. Then, you row on a Bamboo basket boat to visit water coconut Jungle and catch crabs, fishes, After that we go to Thanh Ha pottery village to learn and practice how to make tea cup or vase.. by using clay. then you can write down your name on product which you have made to be funny. After That you go to Local family to have lunch with local organic authentic food, Taking a rest with 30 minute foot herbal massage.

Finish the tour and send you back to your Cruiseship before it leaves and You have a deeper understanding about rural life in Hoi an


- Modern Minivan with Strong A.C
- Professional English speaking Guide

- Buffalo ride fee, Bamboo basket boat fee
- All village Entrance tickets
- Farming activities at a local house
- Cold Water

- Luch at Local family restaurant with Authentic Food

- 30 Minutes for Herbal Foot massage 

 EXCLUDED Drinks, Port Fee, 


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Da Nang & Hoi An

Duration: 7 Hours
Package price: 0
Means: Private Car or Minivan

Consulting: +84 983264629

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